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Life is full of Twist N Turns...thoda twist and thoda turn….kabhi masti toh kabhi fun… A&A Food brings you an interesting range of lip-smacking snacks for every mood and occasion. If you are in for some mischief and fun, we have the spicy and zesty sprinkles and rings. Want to add some zing in your life? Indulge in our range of teekha chatpata potato sticks. Party time with friends? Add extra zing to your fun with our karrare papad churi. And if you feel life mein turn chahiye enjoy our wide array of healthy, flavoured roasted makhanas. Sourced from the best farmyards, our makhana pops are sure to leave you wanting for more.

About Us

A&A Food and Nutrition has launched a line of fine finger snacks under the Brand Umbrella “Twist N Turns”. Twist N Turns snacks bring to you a new and interesting experience from the world of small bites. We have created products that blend the rich spice heritage of India with contemporary flavours and textures that cater to all generations of Indian snackers.

Food is an integral part of Indian culture. Our products are created to provide you with experiences so that they become a part of your good food memories. Our snacks are savoury, they are tangy and sweet...and simply delicious. You will be as delighted in relishing our snacks as we are in creating them for you.

The endeavour of A&A Food is to create its own space in the snack food market in India. To this end, we have put months of research in identifying the tastes and preferences of different age groups, as well as the changing food habits of India. Our insights from this research led us to create a range of products to suit the palate of varied sections of Indian snackers.

Our Products

Our sprinkles are rings with a twist. Packed with a delightful crunch, this time-pass food will keep your mouth busy while treating your tongue to any of the different flavours they are available in.

Rings are fun! Pop them directly in your mouth or wear them on your fingers and eat it one by one. They are sure to bring out the child in you. Talking about finger food, this is the most fingery you can get with your food.

Our tasty potato sticks deliver extra crunch in every bite. The best comfort food whether you are working, watching a movie or hanging out with friends.

We present to you pasta with a desi twist. Rethink pasta as a finger snack that comes in desi flavours. Any time the mood hits you, just open a pack and chomp on the delicious crisps.

If you like a bit of chaska in your sev, Twist N Turns’ Laung Sev is the perfect snack for you. Made from gram flour with the punch of freshly ground pepper, it is lovingly enhanced with traditional Indian spices. Enjoy the taste of ajwain, jeera and turmeric as you munch on this savoury and crispy snack! The aroma and taste are sure to make you leave wanting for more! Best enjoyed with a cup of tea or anyway you like it.

Our makhanas have an amazing quality of being light and wholesome at the same time. An age-old snack in India, these are high on nutrition. Any time of day, the makhanas are an ideal food to take care of your mid-meals hunger.

Papad Churi, a traditional preparation of crushed papad tossed in spices and ghee.


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